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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Voice Tv Show: Cherie Oakley Eliminated – Did she Deserve it?


Lily Elise and Cherie Oakley went head to head today in a battle for Team Christina. The song was Kelly Clarkson’s “Since you’ve been gone.”

Now I didn’t have much of an opinion about either of them. So I had to do some background checking. Cherie Oakley, is the country girl of the group. She’s from Nashville and has been touring around as a backup singer with Carrie Underwood and Gretchen Wilson. She actually wrote a song for Reba “Turn on the Radio” that hit number one recently. The two met for the first time on tonight’s episode.

Twenty nine year old Lily Elise is in the Popular Music Program at USC. She didn’t make it through the first round of the blind audtion but was swooped up when on the second run by Christina.

When the battles started. It took a while to get it going. Lily Elise started off pretty shaky and their voices blended in an odd sort of way. I’m still not sure whether I liked it or not. Although, I can say that her high note was pretty amazing. She can definitely belt out those high notes. Although, when Cherie Oakley started singing – she blew me away. Her voice just sounded so much more polished and professional in my opinion.

But that’s not who Christina picked and to be honest, I’m a little blown away by her decision. I don’t even know what she was looking for – it was pretty obvious to me that Cherie Oakley WAS the better singer.

Should Cherie Oakley have been eliminated tonight?

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