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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Carrie Underwood Comes Clean

Carrie Underwood looks astounding in a flower print dress as she sits down with us at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles to talk about her movie debut in Soul Surfer, her American Idol experience and if we can expect any babies in her near future.

When Carrie Underwood won American Idol in its fourth season, no one could have guessed that she would become an iconic superstar. Underwood has amassed an impressive array of awards from Grammys to Country Music Awards and, all the while, remained as grounded as she was when she first auditioned for American Idol as an unknown talent from Oklahoma.

Underwood is appearing in her first film -- Soul Surfer -- the true life inspirational tale of surfer Bethany Hamilton. Hamilton was an up-and-coming surfing superstar in Hawaii when a shark took off her arm. Weeks after the accident, she was back in the water and would eventually make her way back to the top tier of surfers her age.

The former American Idol winner portrays Hamilton’s church youth counselor and took the role because of its strong faith-based message, but also because of the young surfer’s extraordinarily stirring tale.

She dishes Soul Surfer, Underwood's marriage to hockey star Mike Fisher and how American Idol is one of her most treasured memories.

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