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Monday, January 24, 2011

Carrie Underwood In 'Soul Surfer': Pics From Set

Via Yahoo! Music...

Fans of Carrie Underwood's budding acting career won't have too much longer to wait for her silver-screen debut. The singer's first film, Soul Surfer, is set to hit theaters April 8.

Soul Surfer chronicles the life of Hawaiian surf champion Bethany Hamilton, who lost her entire left arm in 2003 as a result of a shark attack in her home waters of Kauai. The teenaged Hamilton overcame her injury through perseverance and her strong Christian faith, and continues to surf and serve as an inspirational public figure today.

Underwood portrays Sarah Hill, the youth group leader at Hamilton's church, who provides invaluable support as the young surfer struggles with her loss. The real-life Hill is still a youth minister and has been working with junior- and senior-high students on Kauai for more than a decade.

Soul Surfer has a satellite site geared as a ministry resource for churches and faith-based youth groups, which has posted some photos straight from the movie's set for fans to take a look at. Here's a few of Underwood in action; you can see all the photos here.

The final pic shown here is of the real Sarah Hill with Underwood.

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