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Friday, December 24, 2010

Carrie Underwood Dishes on Life After Show

From The Boot....
She's traveled a long way from her hometown of Checotah, Okla., but Carrie Underwood still remembers where she comes from. The former 'American Idol' champ joined several other 'Idol' winners as part of a recent Fox TV special, 'AI: Welcome Home,' dishing on their often humble upbringings, and how fame has affected their lives.

"That one decision to go try out, it changed my entire life," Carrie acknowledges (quote via "It's great to be able to really get in there and do something, or raise awareness, or make people wonder, talk about it. People will be like, 'Oh I can do something about it too. I can go volunteer.' It's nice to be able to have that platform."

For Carrie, being a celebrity is her opportunity to promote causes she is passionate about. "The wonderful thing about having a career, especially one like mine, is I get to do good things," she says."I'm a huge animal lover. There's so many amazing charity organizations out there that help kids, that help schools. I feel like there need to be more about teaching people the right way to care for their animals."

She may have sold millions of albums and traveled all over the world, but the new bride says she will never forget her rural hometown. "[Checotah] has the best people," she gushes. "They're wonderful and nice, and throughout my whole career you can still, at any given moment, walk down Main Street and see signs in store windows and things like that. They're very supportive."

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