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Friday, September 10, 2010

Catching Up with Roman White

Roman White, the creator of worldwide hit videos of Justin Bibber, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood will direct Himesh Reshammiya’s videos for his first mainstream International album in English to be released across 122 countries. The album is titled “at da edge” and has 15 songs written, composed and sung by Himesh in English.

Himesh’s series of music videos will be produced by Vivek Singhania of Picture Perfect and Executive Producer Randy Brewer of Revolution Films. These are very high end videos being filmed across the globe in very exotic and scenic locations by Roman White in September and the music and videos should be launched by March 2011.

Roman says, “The one thing I love about Himesh's music is that all of the songs are so different from one another. The great thing about that is we can really have a lot of fun with the videos, creating something that's equally unique visually that goes perfectly with tone and lyrics of each song. I also love that there are some great ballads with even better love stories. I'm a huge fan of love stories, and any time I can create a video where people are falling in love it just makes me smile. Who doesn't love to watch a great love story?

I think the key is really touching on feelings we all experience. We've all had our heart broken. We've all felt pain. But, we've also all fallen in love, and Himesh really captures these emotions in his songs and that just amazes me. I think people are really going to love what he's created, and it's just cool to have an international artist like Himesh come into the music scene in the west because it mixes things up and gives us something fresh and exciting! I can't wait to get started on these videos and to create some incredible pieces that are not only visually amazing, but also beautiful and even surprising in some cases!”

Vivek Singhania is delighted with the response by music publishers and music labels to Himesh’s music and says Himesh has been absolutely swamped by offers from the very best music publishers and music labels and soon formal announcements about his tie ups with the biggest and the best will be made public. These videos will feature some of the world’s most famous female models and one of the duets will feature a big ticket female artiste with Himesh as a singer and with her appearance in the video.

Randy Brewer says he has long been in the music business and has worked with the best artistes but finds the unique freshness in Himesh’s music so intriguing that he believes Himesh’s music will create records and possible history in the US markets. Randy is very excited about these videos and believes these will be amongst the finest works out of his production company.

Himesh’s look is being styled by the best designers in Hollywood and an excited Himesh says, “It’s been a year of research and study of what works in the west and now that I am ready with my album, I can only say that it is due to the blessing of god, my parents and the people of India and I would like to state here that music has no language. It’s been a 360 degree reinvention for me and I have enjoyed every moment of working on this project which not only excites me monetarily but also creatively.”

Sources close to Himesh reveal that all rights of his music rest with Himesh alone and if the revenues earned by the Roman White filmed songs of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood are any indication, then Himesh should have a huge grosser in hand. If Himesh is able to strike the right notes then sky is truly the limit.


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