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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carrie Underwood plays doctor on the cover of WebMD

Fresh of her honeymoon with NHL star Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood rejoins the world in which she is a country music icon. Underwood, while continuing her “Play-On” tour and live performances at various morning shows
, is taking time out to promote health.

Carrie, while she is no stranger to being on the cover of magazines, is doing something she has never done before. Underwood will now be on the cover of WebMD magazine, a national publication that can be found at your very own Doctors office.

WebMD will not only feature Carrie on the cover but will go in-depth with the country superstar to find out how she stays healthy
both on and off the road. Carrie reveals to us how she manages the stress of live performances and constant interaction with millions of fans. A few keys to her health are naps, obsessive hand washing, workouts and eating properly. Underwood states: “If I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t eat it.”

The future of Carrie Underwood’s success does strongly depend on how she takes care of herself on a daily basis. A sick country superstar cannot perform at her maximum potential and might in fact get left in the dust. I think that is why Carrie takes her health as serious as she does. It is only fitting for Underwood to be on the cover of WebMD and share the secrets to her healthy life.

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