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Friday, April 23, 2010

Carrie Underwood Keeps Her 'American Idol' Season Nine Favorite A Secret

American Idol Gives Back
After gracing the stage to sing her song "Change" at "Idol Gives Back" on Wednesday night, former-Idol-turned-country-superstar Carrie Underwood refused to share who she's rooting for on "American Idol" this season. Why? Well, she doesn't want to jinx it for them.

"I quit having favorites because I would have a favorite and then they would get voted off. So I'm watching and waiting and I'm sure at some point I will have a favorite," she told reporters backstage at the big show. "But I will keep it to myself 'cause I never talk about who my favorites are."

And while Underwood is very busy these days with her Play On tour and planning her wedding with hockey star Mike Fisher, she has been finding time to fit in some "Idol" watching. "I am definitely watching," she shared. "A lot of times I have shows when 'American idol' is going on, so I learned how to work the TiVo on the bus. And I watch 'Idol' after I get offstage.

"I think this year, compared to my year, it seems like people are kind of more laid-back a bit," she continued. "People are kind of singing slower songs, and I'd really like someone to rock out at some point. But I don't know, every year's different. Every year has its own cast of people. It's always nice to change things up and see what's going to happen."

In the end though, Underwood doesn't think who wins "American Idol" is as important as the charity work in which "Idol Gives Back" participates. "This is the stuff that really makes a difference," the season-four "Idol" winner said. "We're coming up on 10 seasons of 'American Idol.' Twenty years later, people might not remember who won what, but this is the kind of stuff that can make lives better and people will remember that."

Source: MTV News

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