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Friday, December 4, 2009

Carrie Underwood Was 'That Girl' Meeting Randy Travis

It's hard to imagine that Carrie Underwood, who's co-hosted the CMA Awards and has her own holiday TV special airing next week, would ever get tongue-tied when meeting a fellow country superstar. But she admits that's exactly what happened when she met the man who would be her future duet partner.

"When I first met Randy Travis, it was a definite moment," Carrie revealed to Jeff Foxworthy on his radio show. "I felt so bad because I went up, and I met him, and you know that's somebody I've known since birth, so to get to meet him and to get to hang out with him and stuff like that, I just started telling him how important he was -- as if he didn't know -- to so many people. And I got all teary-eyed, and [said], 'I'm so sorry I'm that girl now!' He was so good with me."

Carrie adds that having the opportunity to duet with Randy on a version of his hit, 'I Told You So; had its advantages.

"I definitely consider him a friend now. He really is everything I thought he would be, which is so awesome when you meet somebody that you've always looked up to and they're just as cool as you think they should be."

Carrie's All-Star Holiday Special airs Monday, Dec. 7 on FOX.

Source: The Boot

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