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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's on Carrie Underwood's iPod?

From Idol Chatter/USA Today...

I interviewed Carrie Underwood this week for a package that should appear in Monday's paper (I'll be sure to post links here when they go online). As a teaser, I thought you'd appreciate the following quote.

I asked Carrie, "If I stole your iPod, what would I find on it that would surprise me?"

"I'm kind of a nut, as far as music goes," she replied. "I'm a huge George Michael fan. I have, like, a lot of Wham! on there. And New Kids on the Block. I also have a lot of Thousand Foot Krutch, which is one of my favorites. Our Lady Peace, Filter, a lot of my country faves, Four Seasons and Buddy Holly and The Carpenters -- everything.

As for her strangest playlist: "Whatever I put in for my workout is usually pretty hard, like Mudvayne -- stuff that just makes me want to hurt somethin'."

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