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Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a busy time for Carrie Underwood

It's a busy time for Carrie Underwood

NASHVILLE — Every interview with a country singer should start like this: Walk into a room just as the fresh-faced, all-American girl confides to a friend, "I fell off the wagon – hard!"

But Carrie Underwood didn't go on a bender worthy of the character in her 2008 hit Last Name, who wakes up married to a man she doesn't know after an alcohol-induced blackout.

No, she had a milkshake. With Oreo bits. And, she whispers, "It was good."

For the slender, famously vegetarian Underwood, 26, the creamy treat – which came with fries and a veggie burger during a recent visit to a Las Vegas burger joint – was a serious indulgence. "I don't do milkshakes often," Underwood says. "I probably haven't had one in years, to be honest."

After all, she'll be doing all sorts of TV appearances over the next few weeks to promote her third album, Play On, out Tuesday. She starts with a performance tonight on Late Show With David Letterman and a Good Morning America outdoor concert at New York's Lincoln Center Tuesday morning. On Nov. 11, she and labelmate Brad Paisley will host the 43rd Country Music Association Awards, for which she's nominated in two categories, including female vocalist of the year, which she has won the past three years.

In other words, she needs to stay healthy, and she has dresses to fit into.

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