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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hair to There with Carrie Underwood

We Love Effortless Volume

Carrie Underwood, besides looking ab fab in general when arriving at The Late Show, had some particularly covetable hair. Blond or brunette, you might want to try getting some extra volume going on for winter, when you've got more time to experiment, now that the sun goes down so early!

If you are looking for some simple volume, try these quick and easy tricks:

Curly Hair: If you have curls, don't forget to add curl-enhancing product to your mane. Simply work a spiral or wave-defining cream into your hair and then blow-dry with a diffuser to set things in motion, and then use extra-jumbo rollers for the lift you need. Top things off with high-hold hairspray, and you're done.

Straight Hair: Don't blow-dry your hair upside down for added volume--all it does is add creepy width, not height.

Instead, try back-combing your hair with a flat-backed brush to add lift, and yes--even adding a sneaky volumizer like my beloved Bump-It if you want to go half-up, half-down. Try to find a hairspray that won't weight things down, and apply it to your hands, and then rub it lightly over your tresses.

No matter what your hair type, you should embrace root volume. With the right products added from root to midshaft, you'll experience that hair-meets-heaven look that Carrie Underwood adores. It's time to get experimenting--I like Total Beauty's product reviews.


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