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Monday, November 2, 2009

Carrie Underwood Gets Back to Work With Play On

Part 1:

Carrie Underwood knew she needed to finish a new album this year. Luckily, she viewed the writing and recording process of Play On as a labor of love, rather than just one more thing to check off her huge to-do list. The album will be released Tuesday (Nov. 3).

"I hate deadlines," she says. "I love projects. I love things that I love to do. If I have a project that I am totally into, and I love it, then I am all about it. I will go above and beyond and do crazy stuff. I was always the kid in class that would bring something that was really extravagant and had way too much effort put into it. Everybody else would do theirs just enough to get an A, and I had mine that was like ... awesome."

That attention to detail paid off with "Cowboy Casanova," the elaborate first video from the project. Filmed in New Orleans with a cast of glamorous dancers, its sassy demeanor is in direct contrast to "I Told You So," a traditional country ballad written by Randy Travis, who reached No. 1 with his own version in 1988. The popular remake brought him a CMA nomination for song of the year, while he and Underwood are contenders for vocal event. In addition, Underwood is in the running for her fourth consecutive female vocalist trophy. No pressure, but she's also co-hosting the CMA Awards on Nov. 11 with Brad Paisley and a two-hour variety special on the Fox network on Dec. 7. And as show times approach, she's seemingly taking it in stride.

"Deadlines, especially on things that I'm not so fond of, I'm not great with," says Underwood, who won the American Idol crown in 2005. "I just want to do things to be creative and have fun with it."

In the first half of this two-part interview with, the upbeat Oklahoma native explains the country influence in her voice, her creative collaborations with American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi and why it's sometimes tough to write with guys.

CMT: When I was listening to "Mama's Song," I could hear some Reba McEntire phrasing in there. Did you have many of her albums growing up?

Underwood: Oh, for sure. I mean, she's an Okie girl. I think I'm really lucky that I really did listen to all kinds of people and all kinds of music. I've had other people ask me questions like that -- 'Did you listen to Martina growing up?' 'Did you listen to rock music growing up?' -- because in some song somewhere, they can hear that influence in my voice. I take that as a huge compliment because who doesn't want to be like Reba?

Can you hear it in your own voice?

I think it's harder for me to hear it in my own voice because I hold these other women up so high. I can never be like Reba. And I'm not trying to be, either. You know, I want to be true to myself, but that was a compliment you just paid me, so thank you.

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