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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carrie Underwood, 'Cowboy Casanova': Story Behind the Lyrics

Carrie Underwood and co-writer Brett James talked to The Boot about the writing of Carrie's 11th No. 1 smash, 'Cowboy Casanova."

Carrie: People are always asking about 'Cowboy Casanova' -- like, who's that? And they try to make it about one specific guy in particular. But 'country music' and 'cowboy' are part of my vocabulary, so I'm not aiming that towards any particular football team, or guy or anything! I sing country music, so I sing about cowboys. But 'Cowboy Casanova' is about a type of guy -- not about a cowboy. I think of cowboy as being quiet and strong and rugged and good looking ... and having an inner confidence kind of thing. Not necessarily just boots and hat.

Brett: With 'Cowboy Casanova,' we started with a concept -- how should we write about a 'Cowboy Casanova?' What's the story we need to tell about this guy? And we decided that the way to tell it would be to warn women about him. [laughs] Because the singer, Carrie, puts herself in the place of the woman who's been burned by this guy, and she wants to warn other women about the evil of his ways.

Carrie: I think to every woman, this song would be telling a story about someone they know or met, or has tried to pick them up in a bar. There's definitely guys in my past, even if it was a friend's boyfriend or something.

Carrie and Brett have written several songs together the past few years, and know each other well. But for this writing session last February, while penning songs for Carrie's latest album, 'Play On,' they decided to bring in someone totally different -- Mike Elizondo, a rap producer best known for hip-hop collaborations with artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre.

Carrie: Everybody kind of freaked out at first ...

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