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Monday, October 26, 2009

Orianthi's new album now available!

The new album"Believe" by Orianthi is now available!

Or get it at iTunes!


All about Orianthi...

Be sure to tune in to ABC tomorrow to see Orianthi perform ACCORDING TO YOU on GOOD MORNING AMERICA! 7:30AM EST.

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DJ Cassius Mozart said...

Note: About the Orianthi Panagaris article: To call this Orianthi person a "virtuoso" is WRONG! A modern Rock Guitarist can only learn a few of MANY virtuoso techniques. There are literally 1000';s of them and a level of high mastery is desired in each method including sight reading and PERFECT pitch, chord recognition and perfect timing. Have you ever seen a virtuoso violin player? They play at 20 times her speed. I know that it's a "buzz word" that Hollywood is using for her but it's VERY incorrect.

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